VHi EFA Lean Plus
VHi EFA Lean Plus
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VHi EFA Lean Plus

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EFA Lean + Supplement Info 

CLA complex (80% conjugated linoleic acid from safflower seed) - Is an omega- 6 fatty acid - comes from beef and dairy - CLA inhibits fat storage and fat cell production - You lose body fat while not sacrificing muscle mass - when supplementing with it, you’ll feel fuller while eating less, makes it easier for dieting or being on a calorie deficit. CLA boosts energy levels allowing you to burn more calories during the day or during your workouts. CLA is not only beneficial in weight loss but also beneficial to your health overall for your immune system and your heart. With that being said CLA also serves as an anti-inflammatory and helps prevent blood clots in the arteries. CLA has been around since the 1980’s one of the most researched weight loss supplements in the world. 

Most people average about 215mg a day with diet. Recommended dosage is 3g a day. You can consume up to 6g a day. 

GLA complex (18.5% gamma linolenic acid from borage seed oil) - Is an omega- 6 fatty acid - comes from seed oils and evening primrose. - GLA is beneficial to your hair skin and nails - Promotes hydration and elasticity - Nourishes cells and decreases inflammation - GLA fights nerve pain/decreasing type 1 & 2 diabetes - GLA produces prostaglandin, a fat that works like a hormone that helps boost your metabolism. 

If you have cracking skin, dry hair, inflammation and are feeling hormonally imbalanced you may be lacking in fats in your nutrition. GLA is for you.

Dosage for nerve pain is 360mg to 480mg

ALA complex (50% alpha linolenic acid from flaxseed oil) - an organic compound found in cells -

Alpha lipoic acid is water soluble and fat soluble - Which means energy is produced fast and energy is stored for later use  - ALA is present in mitochondria which are the powerhouses of the cells -  Produced naturally in our bodies but in very little amounts.- Essentially ALA increases energy, aids memory loss, decreases inflammation and lowers risk of heart disease. - ALA improves metabolic function including burning fat, collagen production and blood glucose control - Dosages can be around 100mg to 600mg. 

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid/fish oil) & DHA (docosahexaenoic acid/fish oil)- Omega-3 fatty acid - both fatty acids help maintain healthy brain function - EPA - Helps reduce cellular inflammation - Helps reduce neuro-inflammation (depression, ADHD, brain trauma - Maintains a healthy cardiovascular system - Useful in the mental development of children - May be useful for burning excess fat before it gets stored - Helps joint health

DHA -  Helps reduce the entry of enlarged LDL particles into muscle - Can decrease blood triglycerides and increase HDL - Essential for a functional nervous system - Fights inflammation. Supports muscle recovery - Can lower blood pressure

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